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Welcome to our Links Page
Here we offer links to various sites we have found helpful and informative.  We are also including links to sites that are not related to the properties market; but, may be of interest to you as well.
If you have a website that you would like added, please send it to us via email to, and we will gladly give it consideration for adding to our page. 

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Sterling Renovations LP


We invite you to visit our website for our renovation repair services.  We would be happy to assist you in fulfilling your renovation dreams by fine tuning your renovation plans; and, if you desire, we can provide you with a quotation on performing your renovation with or for you.


Countryside Woodworks Division of Sterling Renovations LP


We offer unique, original woodwork designs for your home.  Our items are created from Texas pine, oak and aromatic cedar.  We have inventory on hand as well as the pleasure of offering to provide you with fulfilling your custom requirements.  Please browse through our website, and our photo gallery link on our webpages which share photos of one of our stores.  This is a great way to view the items we have available while we are in the process of completing our online store on our Countryside Woodworks website.  We also have photos of some of the custom designs we have completed on our custom creations page.




If you are interested in purchasing a custom made saddlestand for yourself or as a gift, then…this site may be of interest to you.  They are made right here in East Texas, and look great in the home for display of your favorite saddle, or they can fit well into your tack room.  Whether you are a professional or pleasure rider…or both…this saddlestand may be just what you have been looking for…



Renovation Consulting Services..serving Dallas, East Texas and all surrounding areas.
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